When it comes to tackling a home remodel, the kitchen is high on everyone’s list. And one of the best ways to breathe new life into a kitchen and set the tone for its design is through the choice of cabinets. The array of cabinet options available can seem overwhelming, but they actually stem from just a few basic designs. Here we review:


Also known as flat-panel and flat-front doors, slab cabinet doors have become an increasingly popular option because of their modern look. Just as they sound, these cabinet doors come in a single, smooth piece, or “slab,” and are completely solid with no panels, framing or other design details. The look is simple and clean, making it perfect for modern kitchen designs that aim to be fresh and contemporary. Yet this versatile design can also be seen in vintage and mid century modern-inspired kitchens. 

Slab doors can be ordered in a wide variety of colors and finishes. This can make them great statement pieces by adding a pop of color, or perfect minimal pieces to enhance bolder elements in the room. 

Square Corner

Often referred to as traditional or five-piece doors, square-corner cabinet doors are a steadfast design choice due to their timeless look. They feature a surrounding frame with a solid insert panel. As opposed to slab doors, which work well for modern-style kitchens that are all about simplicity and function, square doors provide a more homestyle appearance. The embellished look of square-corner cabinets can also make kitchens look more warm and inviting. 

Traditional square corner doors are both attractive and versatile. For a high-end look, homeowners may choose more detailed designs from a variety of panel styles. Because of the variety of options, square corner cabinets can complement nearly any home decor. 


Shaker cabinet doors combine the sleek style of slab doors with the classic style of square doors, which makes them very popular in today’s kitchen remodels. Shaker designs are five-piece doors with flat recessed panels and no bevel on the frame. This simple construction provides a clean look that adds timeless sophistication to any kitchen. 

While some styles fall out of favor over time for looking old-fashioned, Shaker cabinets have only gotten more popular because they are both minimal and distinctive. This chameleon quality gives homeowners several options for styling the kitchen. For instance, Shaker cabinets paired with concrete countertops and stainless steel deliver an instant industrial feel. On the other hand, white Shaker cabinets set above a farmhouse sink create a modern country house look–as seen in many Fixer Upper remodels on HGTV.

Applied Molding

For a high-end, custom kitchen, homeowners should look at applied molding cabinet doors, which take square cabinet doors to the next level of customization. Moldings add even more detail, which elevates a basic five-piece door to achieve a more elegant and personalized look. Applied molding doors also provide an excellent canvas for glazed finishes. Applying a glazed finish to cabinet doors adds depth, warmth and texture, and accentuates the beauty of the cabinetry. This is a great option to enhance the level of detail and quality in a kitchen. 

Knowing the top cabinet styles and how they work with different kitchen designs is a necessary step toward creating a dream kitchen. At MyCabinetDoorsDirect.com, homeowners can browse through all of these styles in a wide variety of finishes, with factory-direct pricing to suit any kitchen remodel and budget. Take a look and start designing your dream kitchen today. 

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