$24.95 sq. ft.

With a focus on a solid, basic shape made of straight lines, these cabinet doors add a simple, natural and fresh feel to any room.

Square/Flat Edges.

Min Size Doors: 7.0″w x 7.0″h
Min. Size Slab Drawers: 7.0″w x 2.5″h

  • Gloss: 949 Gloss
  • Gloss: Antique Gloss
  • Gloss: Terra Grau
  • Grain: Blanca Elme
  • Grain: Chocolate Pear
  • Grain: Expresso
  • Grain: Fusion Maple
  • Grain: Gordon Cherry
  • Grain: Wild Apple
  • Matte: 949 Matte
  • Matte: Antique White Matte
  • Matte: Fog
  • Matte: Folkstone
  • Matte: Steele
  • Silk/Satin: Antique Silk
  • Silk/Satin: Chalk Silk
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