If you’re just swapping out cabinet door styles in the same color, you may not need any additional refinishing work on your cabinets. Many of the My Cabinet Doors Direct products come in popular colors, making it easy to match existing cabinet bases for many common colors.

However, if you choose replacement cabinet doors finished with one of our exclusive wood grains or modern color options, you may need to reface the cabinet bases with a Thermofoil veneer or High- Pressure Laminate (HPL) to ensure your doors and drawer fronts match.

If your goal is to achieve an exact match, especially on wood grains, consider choosing the 3D Thermofoil option, which is custom-produced using the same material as the cabinet doors and drawers. We also offer traditional HPL sheets to match all the wood grains. If you are doing a larger refacing project or a large number of units in the same finish, we also sell laminate rolls. Please call our customer service line to get more information on how to order.

How to Order Your Cabinet Doors, Drawers and Veneers Online

  1. Make a list of all the Cabinet Doors and Drawers you need. Measure each door and drawer separately and record their measurements in a list. Check out this video to learn how to measure cabinet doors properly.
  2. Select the style, cabinet back and finish for your doors and drawers.
  3. Place your order online for the options selected, carefully adding measurements for each door. You will receive a confirmation email with a copy of your receipt. NOTE: ALL SALES ARE FINAL UPON ORDER CONFIRMATION. 
  4. Your order is custom-made per your specifications, and will ship in approximately 10-14 days on select styles and colors. Shakers cabinet doors may take longer depending on quantity and color, because hand-sanding is required on many finishes.